Finding UAE's Desert Ghost Town

I recently moved to the UAE after a few years back in Singapore… so naturally I’ve been having itchy feet and wanted to explore some of the lest “touristy” parts of the country. After a quick google and a red hot desire to get out into the desert I discovered this small village near Al Madam which is in the Emirate of Sharjah.

The village is really interesting to visit. Upon entering the now deserted town square you can’t help but notice the eerie silence that surrounds you and the realisation of how isolated this place is. You look out onto the desert which goes on for miles and miles. The two rows of houses sit parallel to each other with a mosque as the focal point at the end of the rows. Town planning wise its the perfect little village!

The story goes like this… the village was abandoned a few decades ago, construction was in the 70’s or 80’s, BUT and here’s where it gets interesting… No one knows why. Newspapers and bloggers have gone around asking why and they can’t get a definite answer from anyone. The village apparently belonged to a nearby Al Kutbi tribe.

My guess is that there isn’t anything sinister going on here and more so that it is just a difficult place to live. In the short time that we were there my camera was absolutely covered in the sand, in every nook and cranny and not only that but my shoes were covered and had buckets of sand in them.