I Quit Social Media for 30 Days... 14 days in.

I’m currently at the halfway mark for this 30 day challenge and straight up I can tell you the effects are only positive at the moment, well… almost all positive.

You might be asking, wait - isn’t blogging a form of social media? Well, Yes I guess it is but I’m treating this space as more of a diary and a way to write longer form, better thought out content. I define Social Media in this challenge as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn & Instagram as they’re my main vices. Yes, LinkedIn is a vice…

I’ve deleted the apps from my iPhone & iPad but have not restricted them from my mac as I still need the Facebook & Twitter log in for certain websites, which is a pain and I need to start migrating away from that.

So… why am I doing this? Well, After the 30 Days Vegan Challenge I felt I had the momentum to keep it up. I stood up from my desk in the office and exclaimed “That’s it. I’m not using Social Media for 30 Days” this came after a week of very heavy social media use, I felt drained and exhausted and thought to myself… there’s gotta be more to this. I often think of back when I was a kid (this seems to be a recurring theme on this blog btw) to when life was simpler, pre-social media, pre-mobile phones, pre-internet. Basically, I just want some more peace and mental clarity in my life. I’ve had a rough couple of years and I just need to purge. This whole thing has been made a little easier for me, because as soon as I exclaimed that my colleague walked into the studio and brought me on air to tell the nation what I just said, so now I’m accountable to a few million people, not just myself. That makes it… easier?

A common question I’ve been getting, aside from all the doubt, is HOW?!?!? People have been telling me, while glued to their phones, “I’m glued to my phone - I could never do it.”

I wish I had a magic solution for this but really I’ve been staying off my socials for the past couple of weeks purely for the reason that I’m really benefiting from it. I’m not trying to keep up with people. I don’t really know what’s happening in the news aside from what I see at work or what people tell me or send to me. I’ve been able to hold a coherent thought in my head for longer than 5 seconds, I’ve been way more productive at work and in my personal projects, I’ve picked up learning a language in my free time and I’m just generally and to a further extent genuinely happier.

Do I miss my “social life”? There’s two answers to this… Yes and No. I feel like I should be missing what everyone is up to but at this point in time I’m so occupied with other things in my immediate surroundings. I’ve replace the time that I’ve spent mindlessly scrolling with things that bring me a benefit or some sort of fulfilment. There are a couple of people that I exclusively talk to online through my social apps and I look forward to catching up with them when I eventually return but for now I’m enjoying everything that is happening around me and the opportunities that are presented to me.

Will I return after my 30 days? Well, yeah. I will… but I won’t be using my socials in the same way, I really think I need to set some hard and fast rules on how long I spend online and what type of conversations I’m having. I enjoy the frivolous and nonsense nature of my online circles and also the slightly more serious and active members but I need to spend more time doing things that are useful rather than just sharing memes or updating people on an inane thought that I’ve had.

I should write something more comprehensive or film a video about this after the 30 days are done but for now, I’m just jotting down some notes.

Have you tried a “Social Media Cleanse”? Let me know below how it went.
(I’ll reply after the 30 days, obviously)