Vanlifers I'm obsessed with at the moment


I don’t think it is any secret that I’m absolutely obsessed with Vanlife or #vanlife. My obsession, like a lot of things started in childhood on our family camping trips.

I used to absolutely LOVE camping… I mean, I still do but I rarely get to go anymore but that will all soon change.

It could be the novelty or maybe its being closer to the land or the fact that you’re just totally relaxed, disconnected from the world and not beholden to any 9 to 5, for that finite time away.

Oh, What’s vanlife you might ask… simply put, it is an alternate lifestyle where people live out of their vans so they can travel the world and not have to pay exorbitant rent. Some people live full time in their vans and they’re usually called “Van Dwellers” while others are “Weekend Warriors” and use their vans on the weekend. Tbh, there is a lot of terminology so lets just roll with vanlife for now.

The most recent vanlife trip that I went on was New Zealand in 2017 which I think was a transformative time for me. I travelled with my brother and his partner and my then partner. It was a trip I’ll never forget. Recently I’ve been trying to work out how I can do that full time. It has been a dream for about the past 4 years and I didn’t think that I’d be able to make it a reality… whilst on this journey I’ve been watching lots of vanlife YouTubers to get inspiration from and to see what life is like on the road full time, I’ve only ever been on 2 to 4 week trips at a time.

So I thought I would compile a list of my favourite van life youtube channels incase you wanted to see what life was like on the road, permanently.

Our Jucy Van in New Zealand, 2017.

Our Jucy Van in New Zealand, 2017.

The Indie Projects

Bee and Theo were one of the first vanlifers I stumbled across, they have sooo much incredible and useful content on their channel from van tours to build outs to things you might need to buy and they’ve even put a whole lot of info into a free ebook on their website. I love their journey from their VW Westfalia to the longboat and now to their new sprinter and land in Portugal. They also have an incredibly well behaved ginger cat, Ginjey bear.

Eamon & Bec

Hailing from Canada and now driving around Europe I’ve been following along with their journey and I can’t wait for them to leave Ireland and the UK and see where they head to as my plan is to drive a very similar journey. They also have a tea company, shoot really great footage and are fun to watch.

Zach & Kasey

I find these two to be very genuine which is a bit of a rarity among some of the youtube channels, they have a great style and their videos are alway aesthetically pleasing. Oh and their dog Charlie is incredibly cute, the cute dogs will be a recurring theme.

Kinging It

Craig & Amy are from South Wales and are just so fun to watch, they’re just embarking on their vanlife journey in their bus, Custard.

They’ve done a whole host of cool things which you can see on their youtube channel.

Max and Lee (& Occy)

I noticed there wasn’t a lot of GREAT Australian vanlifers. I didn’t really want to watch lots of videos of a place I know well too so I knew my luck when I stumbled across this 50% Australian 50% Canadian duo plus their doggo Occy. This episode in particular is great, their videos are also incredibly inviting and you feel as if you are right there with them, nothing pretentious at all.

Wild We Roam

Dana and Lou are a channel that I wish made a video every day. Honestly the most relaxing videos to watch and my favourite thing is the travel journals. A different way to make videos and its really relaxing to watch. I also love their van, whilst a lot of couples go for new vans this pair have gone the other way and drive a beautiful old beast around Europe.

Travel Many Roads

Herman, Sietske and Ferry have been on the road since 2017 and hail from the Netherlands. Most if not all of their content is in Dutch but there is a video which has English translations. Their videos are so beautiful and they have opened a cafe in Portugal which looks fantastic… or at least that’s what I can understand from my very limited Dutch.

Other notable mentions in this list are Trent & Allie, The Nomadic Movement and The Matneys all of which are in South America at the moment.

Have you been following any vanlife journeys… would you survive a year living out of a van?

Let me know in the comments below.