My Camera Setup... featuring the Fuji X-H1

This isn’t really a camera review for the XH-1… It’s more just a run down of the camera equipment that I have and use regularly.

In my digital kit I have my main go-to which is my Fujifilm X-H1 with Battery Grip and 16mm f/2.8 or Fujinon 18-135mm f/3.5. In addition to this my second cam is my trusty Fujifilm X-E2 which usually has the Canon FD 50mm f/1.4 vintage lens attached to it.

I used to have a 56mm f/1.2 which I will add back into my kit in the coming months.

In my film kit I have an Olympus XA3, Canon EOS 7 and a Canon AF35M II.

I really enjoy shooting digital and film but I don’t like to shoot both at the same time. Film is something I enjoy shooting if I’ve got a weekend free to explore or re-explore as I am not an expert in shooting film, so I have to really think and compose all the shots first so I don’t waste film. That being said, I have a roll in each of my cameras at the moment that I should really develop as I tend to shoot quite slowly through the rolls as compared to digital.

Singapore, Singapore: Shot on Olympus XA3 35mm Portra 400

Singapore, Singapore: Shot on Olympus XA3 35mm Portra 400

My digital shooting style, once again not expert, is a bit more erratic and I tend to just point and shoot at whatever I think is aesthetically pleasing at the time. My style of photography rarely requires any form of long thought out planning or composition and all of my cameras work well in these conditions. I choose fast lenses, shoot usually in 200/400 ISO, 250 Shutter Speed and a f/4 with a single focus point. There are probably better ways to shoot but this works for me.

I also shoot video from time to time and it is an area that I am trying to skill up in and get better at. The X-H1 serves this purpose really well, the X-E2 is next to useless and prior to this I used the XT-20 which was great for video too but not as versatile as the XH-1. I have the battery grip attached to my X-H1 for video, I recently used it on a trip to Istanbul where I was filming for a client and it performed well and the battery grip lasted for the two full days of shooting. I typically have the 18-135 attached for video as it is versatile enough for me to get those wide shots when needed and a bit of zoom when I need to get those shots a bit tighter.

Istanbul, Turkey: Shot on X-H1 with 16mm f2.8

Istanbul, Turkey: Shot on X-H1 with 16mm f2.8

The X-H1 is light enough for me weighing in at 673 grams without the battery grip and just shy of a kilo with the grip and batteries in. I carried the camera on my shoulder for two days straight and it barely was noticeable, I just switched shoulders every other hour.

One of my favourite things about the X-H1, after the incredible colour science, shutter sound and feel of the grip would be its two card slots. I know this is an odd thing to love but after shooting with the X-E2 and X-T20 for so long and using the X-T2 occasionally the luxury of now having my own camera with dual slots is great for me. Especially as I don’t like having to fiddle around with cards when I’m on the move or in the pit. A downside for some is that you can’t split raw and jpeg across the two cards but for me I’m happy to just have twice the memory in my camera.

The accessories I have for my kit are: Rode Video-Micro Microphone for video, a rode lapel mic, Artisan and Artist red strap, a handmade leather strap from etsy that I got as a gift, a few different Sandisk Fast 128GB Memory Cards, a Sirui Carbon Fibre Tripod, two ND Filters & a Think Tank Retrospective 7 shoulder bag. I will be changing my bag to a backpack soon, the retrospective 7 has served me well over the past few years but I can’t carry it on my shoulder for day trips anymore!

That’s everything in my kit. I try and keep it as small and versatile as I can. You obviously don’t need all of these things or even multiple lenses but these work for me shooting needs.

My ThinkTank bag and I on the side of a mountain in New Zealand, 2017. Photo:  @anameizing

My ThinkTank bag and I on the side of a mountain in New Zealand, 2017.
Photo: @anameizing

What are you essentials, drop a comment below!

Also, I’ve linked most of the items here so it is easier for you to find them :)